• [Flutter] Add a Flutter plugin using the UI module of the SDK on pub.dev


  • [Flutter/iOS] Fix a crash when canceling the scan flow

  • [Android Cordova ReactNative] Parameter name imageUrl has been changed into image. This parameter still expects the image URL and not the image itself.

  • [Android] UI: Fix visibility of a class to be able to access individual pages in scan flow result


As of this release, the native SDK and the cross-platform plugins will be versioned under the same version number


  • [Android, iOS] Add a new “Scanner UI” module that allows to start a customizable capture flow with 3 screens in one command

  • [Android, iOS] Add a new “Simple demo” app that shows how to use the Scanner UI module

  • [Android] Split SDK into 3 libraries (AAR): gs-sdk (core scanning methods and PDF generation), gs-sdk-ocr (text and layout extraction from an image), gs-sdk-ui (simple scan flow UI)

  • [iOS] Split SDK into three frameworks: GSSDK, GSSDKScannerUI and GSSDKOCR

  • Add localization into 10 new languages

  • [iOS] Utils: Add methods to rotate and fix orientation of an image

  • [iOS] Utils: Add method to scale an image


  • [ReactNative, Cordova] Switched to using the new SDK Scanner UI module

  • [iOS] API: Improved documentation

  • [iOS] API: Cleaned up API for Swift

  • [iOS] Camera UI: Redesigned shutter button

  • [iOS] Camera UI: Added animation when document is detected

  • [iOS] API: Renamed filters Color -> Photo, Whiteboard -> Color

  • [iOS] Minimum iOS version now 11.0

  • [Android] UI: Fix shutter button not animating after camera permission dialog


  • [Android] Fixed export in demo for Android 7 and above

  • [iOS] Breaking change

    Changed `GSKScanProtocol` interface to include scan orientation. You must update your implementation of this protocol to add the orientation field. Typically, if you rely on the Scan class defined in the demo (in Scan.m), you must add `@synthesize orientation;`


  • [iOS] Fixed empty Apple documentation

  • [iOS] On iPad, changed picture orientation to be based on UI instead of sensors

  • [Android] Breaking change

    • ScanFragment is now a fragment from the Support library, instead of a native fragment

  • [Android] SDK is now published to our Maven repository on S3