As of this release, the native SDK and the cross-platform plugins will be versioned under the same version number


  • [Android, iOS] Add a new “Scanner UI” module that allows to start a customizable capture flow with 3 screens in one command

  • [Android, iOS] Add a new “Simple demo” app that shows how to use the Scanner UI module

  • [Android] Split SDK into 3 libraries (AAR): gs-sdk (core scanning methods and PDF generation), gs-sdk-ocr (text and layout extraction from an image), gs-sdk-ui (simple scan flow UI)

  • [iOS] Split SDK into three frameworks: GSSDK, GSSDKScannerUI and GSSDKOCR

  • Add localization into 10 new languages

  • [iOS] Utils: Add methods to rotate and fix orientation of an image

  • [iOS] Utils: Add method to scale an image


  • [ReactNative, Cordova] Switched to using the new SDK Scanner UI module

  • [iOS] API: Improved documentation

  • [iOS] API: Cleaned up API for Swift

  • [iOS] Camera UI: Redesigned shutter button

  • [iOS] Camera UI: Added animation when document is detected

  • [iOS] API: Renamed filters Color -> Photo, Whiteboard -> Color

  • [iOS] Minimum iOS version now 11.0

  • [Android] UI: Fix shutter button not animating after camera permission dialog