Fax from anywhere


Thousands of users use Genius Fax every day to save time and money. What about you?



Send faxes

Send images, PDF documents in a couple tap, from your phone.

Receive faxes

Get your own fax number and receive documents directly on your phone.


Fax machines only support black and white. Genius Fax applies Genius Scan's award winning image processing to make sure your documents are crisp sharp.

Know when it's delivered or received

When your fax has been delivered, you receive a notification to confirm the delivery. Genius Fax also notifies you when you receive faxes.

international destinations

We support more than 40 countries and keep adding more to the list regularly.


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With Genius Fax, the pricing is very simple:

1 page = 1 credit

One page, received or sent, consumes one credit. You prepay credits as needed. It's cheaper if you buy them in bulk. If you just buys one credit it costs $0.99. It you buy ten credits it costs $6.99 (69¢/page) and if you buy 50 credits it costs $19.99 (39¢/page).

To receive a fax, you need to reserve a number. The subscription for a number starts at $3.99 for a single month but decreases if you purchase a subscription for longer.