What is Genius Sign?
Genius Sign is the perfect tool to sign or add annotations (date, text) to your documents.

How can I learn how to use Genius Sign?
The first time you open the app, a tutorial is added as your first document. Open it to discover the main features of Genius Sign.

What kind of documents can I sign or annotate?
You can use Genius Sign to sign or annotate any PDF document or any JPEG or PNG image.

How do I contact you?
Use the Contact Us button in Genius Sign menu. We generally reply within one business day.

Managing saved signatures

How can I add a new signature?
When you tap the Signature button and then the ‘+’ button, you can choose between scanning your signature or drawing it. Drawing is faster, but scanning it will ensure you get a signature very similar to your usual one.

How can I delete a saved signature?
Tap the Signature button, do a long press on a saved signature and choose Delete.

Importing / Exporting documents

How can I sign a document I received by email or from another app?
Read our tutorial

How can I import a paper document?
Install our free app Genius Scan and use it to scan your paper document. You can then export the page or document you created to Genius Sign.

How can I export my document to Dropbox, Drive, Box, Evernote, or any other cloud service?
Open the document you want to export and tap the Export button at the top right of the screen. Choose the service you want or choose Other apps to have more options.

Can I export several documents at once?
Yes, when viewing the list of documents in Genius Sign, tap the Select button at the top right of the screen, select the documents you want to export and tap the Export button at the bottom right of the screen.

Magic features

What is the Sign Here feature?
When importing documents, Genius Sign tries to detect where you need to sign. This way, you won’t forget to sign at one location and this will avoid several back-and-forths with other parties. You don’t need to do anything to enable Sign Here, simply pay attention to the Sign Here button. Tapping on it will bring you to the next page you need to sign.

How can I sign every pages of a document?
It’s quite common that you have to insert your initials at the bottom of every page of a document (e.g. for a contract). To do so, insert your signature on one of the pages at the right position. Then tap the Repeat button (next to the Trash button) to insert it on every pages at the same location.

Security and Legal

How can I protect my signature and documents?
The best way to prevent other persons from using your signature or viewing documents saved in Genius Sign is to enable Touch ID (or Passcode) in Genius Sign settings. You will then be required to authenticate every time you open the app.

How legal is it to sign a document with Genius Sign?
It is your full responsibility to sign your documents with Genius Sign. You need to be aware of your country’s laws concerning digital signatures and check with your recipient if they will accept such a document. Genius Sign does not provide any guarantee concerning the authenticity of the signature, nor does it prevent the signature from being tampered.