The Grizzly Labs is hiring!

At The Grizzly Labs, we aim to simplify people's life by crafting useful applications. We are passionate about our apps and work on all aspects of our products: design, development, marketing, user support. Millions of users use our applications: 20 million users have downloaded Genius Scan and you may be using it on your smartphone. And we have tons of projects in the pipeline.

Each of us in the team has a direct impact on the development of our products: 100% of the code we are writing is used in production.

Our offices are located where most start-ups have set up shop, in the heart of Paris; we don't think we should waste time in public transportation and we like having tons of options around for lunch.

Our team is young, dynamic with a wide range of experiences. In a past life, we've done research in image processing, have worked for Amazon and YCombinator start-ups in the Silicon Valley or have developed applications that you used every day such as the RATP or Canal+ apps.

We are looking for: