Sometimes, we wander in other areas. Meet Pyfl.


Create the map of your favorite places, add a comment for each of them and get trustworthy recommendations from your friends.



We all had that moment one day when we tried to remember the name of a restaurant, a bar or a park we've been to, without success.

With Pyfl you can now add the places you like to your map, so you never forget them again.



Running out of ideas to go out can happen. In this case, just check your friends' maps.

Maybe they just added "The best lobster restaurant ever!" or "The most beautiful natural park" to their Pyfl map. You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?


We know it's stressful sometimes to be in a new city and not knowing what to do or where to go. But maybe your friends do?

Find places near you previously added by your friends in the "Discover" tab or use the "Ask for recommendations" feature. 



It’s simple: now, before going out for a drink or dinner, I open Pyfl and choose where I go on the interactive map!
— John L.
Super cool app! My friends and I like to note cool or new restaurants we’ve tried or would like to try. This will make it so much easier to track and check out new cities when travelling.
— Molly L.
I like making lists of my favorite coffee shops in town to meet up at! It’s nice to have a place to make notes of the restaurants as well. I used to do this with to go menus in a binder… so archaic! Glad I stumbled upon this!
— Maria A.




Create YOUr own map

You might not be very interested to have the same map as someone who has tastes opposed to yours. Your account, your map! 

search and add places

You can either add the places of your friends' map to your own map or search for a place and add it to your map. 



More friends means more places and more fun. Invite your friends to join you on Pyfl so you will be able to get more recommendations and more pins on your map.

ask for recommendations

Enter the name of a city in the search bar and tap "Ask for tips around". Pyfl will ask your friends if they have recomendations for you. 


discover tab

The Discover tab gives you suggestions of places around you. It also tells you which places are trending among your friends. 

news feed 

Thanks to the News Feed you won't miss your friends' activities. It will show you the latest places added by the people you follow. Re-pyfl them if you want to add them to your own map!


Organize your places

You can organize your places with your own lists and name them as you want. It saves time to look for a bar in the "Bar" list instead of searching in your entire map!

useful information at your fingertips

Tap on "More Info" to have useful information about a place such as the directions, the opening hours, the website and even the price range.