I don’t wait for Spring Cleaning to unclutter. I’m paperless: each time I receive a document, I scan it with Genius Scan and archive it to Dropbox.
— Julie A.
I use Genius Scan for sending plans to contractors. The quality is great and I save valuable time by not having to go to the office every time I tweak a drawing.
— Mike K., Architect
I have my students Genius Scan their documents and email them so that I can grade them on my iPad.
— Ruth Y., High School Teacher

Scan documents

Instantly scan documents

Genius Scan smart algorithms automatically detect your document, apply perspective correction and enhance the colors.


Create PDFs

In a couple taps, your paper document is digitized into a PDF file, looking sharp and clean. A text layer is added for indexing and searching.

You can then add more page, move pages around and merge documents together.


Share your scans

Send your scans wherever you need to thanks to Genius Scan's extended support for all the major cloud storage services.

Organize your PDF documents in Genius Scan

Organize like a pro

Archive your documents in Genius Scan, group them with tags and use the search to quickly find the ones you need.

Optionally, you can subscribe to Genius Cloud to securely backup and sync your scans.

Features & pricing

Genius Scan

Fast scanning, high resolution scans

Perspective correction

Genius Scan corrects any perspective distortion in your photos. You can actually tilt your phone to avoid shadows on your documents!

Hand-free scanning

Your scans are auto-detected and snapped for you handsfree!

Batch mode

Quickly scan dozens of pages in a row. Import tons of images at once from your photos library.

PDF documents

Create multi-page PDF documents by gathering multiple scans.

Enhance and edit

Genius Scan automatically enhances your scans but you can always edit it.

Email your scans

Export your scans to other apps

Tags and search

Label your documents with tags, use the search field to locate them instantaneously.

Unlimited scans and fully functional

Genius Scan has no limits to the number of documents you can scan, and produces full resolution documents without any watermark.


We are a European-based company where privacy is very important. Documents are processed and stored on your phone unless you explicitly decide to export them.

Genius Scan+
$7.99 (one-time fee)

Everything in Genius Scan

Export to all major cloud providers

Export your documents to any of a growing list of storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, FTP, Google Drive, Microsoft One Note & One Drive, SugarSync, WebDAV…

Through WebDAV, you can connect to ownCloud, MagentaCLOUD, NextCloud, Yandex.Disk and even your NAS such as Synology.

Text Recognition (OCR) - iOS only

On-device text recognition adds a text layer to your PDFs, letting you search and index them easily. You can also scan business cards and easily create contacts.


With Auto Export, your documents are automatically exported in the background as you create or modify them.

Additional security

Prevent unauthorized access to your documents with Face ID, Touch ID or a pin code. Encrypt your PDF documents so that only your recipient can read them.

Smart Document Names

Name your PDFs the way you want based on lots of different parameters: location, date time or even customized prompts when you save the document.

Managed configuration (MDM)

Adapt Genius Scan to your company's needs by pre-configuring services and disabling features as needed.

Genius Scan with Genius Cloud

Everything in Genius Scan

Everything in Genius Scan+

Unlimited cloud storage

All your documents are safely backed up in the cloud. Should you lose access to your phone, you will still be able to retrieve them.

Sync data between all your devices

Your documents automatically appear in Genius Scan on all your different devices.

Web access

View your documents from your computer on geniuscloud.com.


Get Genius Scan !

Download Genius Scan for free and optionally unlock a paid upgrade if you want to: